Delivery Policies

Delivery Times

Monday –Saturday10AM-7:00PM

When openinga new account, it is the customersresponsibility to check our Delivery Route Map to see what day of the week the store falls for delivery. The map can be found at the bottom of this page and a link can also be sent at your request.

Please email for all delivery questions or call the store at (713)-780-3636 ext. 1107 for the shipping department.


▪There is a $1000 purchase minimumon all delivery orders. This includes combined grocery and tobacco.

▪Please keep in mind yourdelivery timeis subject to changebased on the drivers’route and any addition of stops.

▪Delivery day is scheduled based on our truck routes and not on customers preference. Please see out map routes below.

▪Mobile ordering and online ordering is available 24/7 however your order will still go out under your assigned delivery day.

▪When ordering online the customer must specify whether the order is “delivery” or “pick-up”

 ▪All delivery orders must be received by 12PM the previous day for orders to besent out. In the case of a Monday delivery, orders must be sent by Saturday 1PM as the store is closed Sundays.

▪ Our team will try their best to complete last minute additions to orders but keep in mind not everything will be fulfilled and after a certain time, additions will be refused by the delivery manager. It is your responsibility to send in complete orders by the requested time to guarantee you receive everything in your delivery.

 ▪All merchandise is delivered in black totes. It is the responsibility of the store manager or clerk toswap out empty toteswith our driverwhen a newdelivery arrives. For any lost/ not returned ordamaged totes,a fee of $25will be added to your accountuntil returned.


Delivery Schedule